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Released Jan. 27, 2022

A collaboration between:
DOTS Gallery & 11001 Records
Valentin Ginies, Pit Ruge & Martin Ruge


Laura López Castro & Lukas Lonski (Visuals by Merve Terzi)

Essential Frequencies – The Mantra Sessions. Berlin-based musician and yoga teacher Laura López Castro merges both of her passions for a spiritual impromptu music experience. Accompanied by soundscapes from multi instrumentalist Lukas Lonski and vivid video projections by Merve Terzi, Laura sings her favorite traditional mantras to solfeggio frequencies.

Live Recording by Laura López Castro & Lukas Lonski
Live Visuals by Merve Terzi
Video Editing by Antololka
Music Mastering by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering